Star Wars

Interrogating the Knight of Ren pt 1

Xy'ro's Log

We dock and are greeted by Jerrin and a grouping of Storm Troopers. I exit with Rian and Jerrin requests an update. Rian briefs him on the mission. After this we are ordered to go to get a physical. I head in the direction and three Storm Troopers break off the group to join us. After around an hour and half I am cleared along with the rest with the exception of Sha’Shell.

I find a quiet area and begin meditating on my undesirable reactions to some of the situations on the mission. After a bit I sense a presence and wake from meditation. It is Jerrin. I wait for him to rouse. When he does I tell him about my improper reaction. He consoles me with stating that it is easy to remain calm in sanctuary, the test is to remain so in the world. I sigh a bit relieved at his words and thank him. I turn back to face forward and return to meditation.

After a bit I become aware of my com beeping and rouse from meditation. It is Ashus, she needs help with the holocron and she breaks off communication upon seeing me already in the room she was going to suggest. Myself, Ashus and Racheal begin looking into it. Discussing this situation we decide it is likely more akin to a hardware issue. Working together we find it is a power relay chip. We discuss options for a bit and decide to either repair or replace the chip. It will be most tedious and I mention I would enjoy the work. I would find it a nice break from pondering my emotional reactions with this group. Before we can act there is a general order to evacuate.

Upon discovering Rian has plans to turn the Knight of Ren to the Lightside we rush to the holding cell to find Rian standing and waiting. It appears she has not started yet. I suggest this is a more pressing matter then the cube. Ashus disagrees and goes to work on the cube with Rachael.

Rian instructs me to drop the forcefield so she can enter and raise it once she exits. She will enter and deactivate the device that keeps him unconscious. Rian deactivates, he responds much more quickly to the process of returning to his full abilities. I fear for a moment that I will either have to trap Rian in there or the Knight will be free of the cell. We are saved largely due to him not accounting for the slickness of the disposable slippers, allowing enough time for Rian to exit and reactivate the field. Rian begins a dialog with the Knight of Ren.

After a bit of circular arguing she obtains his name, Tacro Ren. Though he will not supply his name from before the Darkside. He was promised food and refuses to speak further, rolling over on the cot. Rian asks me to go retrieve some and I suggest a Storm Trooper does the task. We attempt and are denied, their orders do not allow this. I cannot find a legal way around this so at Rian’s continued insistence I go to the cafeteria.

I run, sensing for danger. There is a ping as I get close to my first destination. It passes and I decide to just grab some protein paste and rush back. Upon entering I see Tacro unconscious in the cell and the droid head is crumpled. I take a look and am unable to assist.

In the intervening time I contact and update Admiral Corva. He is able to supply an additional force blocking droid head. Rian also gathers a group of Storm Troopers for us. They shall hold the head outside and ready to activate it. I suggest we test this theory and we find that outside the door the negating forces do not work. It is decided that the Troopers will stand outside, head activated and enter at either Rian or myself calling out the word “Now”. Shortly thereafter Tacro awakens.

He is groggy and has difficulty shaking off the effects of the gas, though he manages.
Once in the hallway I suggest I should stay with the prisoner. Rian assures me the situation is in hand with force negation and Troopers. I tell her I trust her judgement and thank her for listening to my concerns.

One of Tiku’s final duties was to seal the temple of Vanclor from Mandelorian eyes. During the last activation she was assured this temple was still sealed. She can provide us with a map to the temple.



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