Star Wars

Who are these people and how did I end up on this ship?

Here I was minding my own business trying to follow up on this bounty that I have been chasing for a couple weeks now and if I don’t get him this time I’m going to end up loosing money and that’s the last thing I need… So I’m scoping out this planet since I got word this guy should be here and there is some scary big ship just looming out to the side. I ponder for a brief moment what it could mean that it’s here but I need to focus on the task at hand and that’s when they just went to crazy town and never came back!

Big scary ship com’s me and tells me I’m impeding on it’s business or something like that I can’t really remember A LOT has happened since then but I tell them some choice words and I start heading down after all I have a job to do and I’m not bothering them one bit and then they rudely launch some guys after me! LIL OL’ ME! Are you freaking kidding me! I’m all riled up now and I think I can take them and I’ve just had a really bad couple of weeks so I’m all fueled for a fight!

It’s going great, I’m pulling some sweet rolls and maneuvers like the pro that I am thank you for very much, a couple close calls but it wouldn’t be fun if that didn’t happen and then… A bad roll of my lucky dice and I didn’t quite pull the way I needed to and stupidly exposed the bottom of my ship. I couldn’t take any more damage to poor hilda and I didn’t really feel like dying today so I gave up… but I had plan! Because no one shoots Rachel Radeen and interferes with her bounty and gets away with it!!

So while I’m going along with them taking me to big ol’ scary ship I know as soon as I get off I’m most likely going to get cuffed and hauled away and never see my ship again so I might as well go out with a bang if you know what I mean ;-) and yes that is a winky face! It totally sells that line and needed to be there!

Anyways! Back to my totally awesome story Ahem. So I’m running around my ship rigging together a little surprise for these guys before we get there. Lucky for them, I mean me I have a small fascination with exploding things and I am pretty dang good at it if I can say so myself. My plan is to put the trigger in my back pocket since they will cuff me behind my back and as soon as I’m out of range. Good bye Hilda it’s been nice knowing ya! And that’s exactly what happens MUAHAHA!

The stupid security guys didn’t expect that so as soon as she blows chaos ensues and I make my escape. I quickly run over to one of ships docked on the side, over juice the cuffs and break for it. I can totally fly one of these… SURE! I hope in and quickly asses the situation and surprised it doesn’t look overly complicated. I flip some switches, strap in and go to take off and YANK! I flarggin forgot to unhook the ship from the dock. In a panic I tug the controls away from it and I break free! Leaving a part of the panel behind of this stupid ship but I don’t need it probably. WELL! I was wrong and I totally needed that or most of the wing. I’m trying to compensate and fly away but my lady luck is just not helping me out today. The best I can do is try not to kill myself in the crash and obviously I didn’t since I’m writing this so TADA!

When I finally stopped moving I popped out and had no idea where I was and saw the enemy little ships closing in on me and I panicked this lady yelled at me to follow her to take cover. Is she also fleeing from these guys? Who are they? I had no other cover and again did not feel like dyeing quite yet so I ran after her and she pulled us in the man hole that I have no idea how she knew it was there but we slid in and ducked and we started running. We didn’t have much time to discuss formalities for a bit but it’s not like I had anywhere else to go right now. She asked if I belonged to the ship and I said no I stole it after they tried to arrest me. I could tell she didn’t quite know how to process this but she didn’t try arrest me or anything so I guess she didn’t really those guys or just didn’t care shrug.

She told me I can follow her to a rendezvous that might interest me since they have a beef with big ol’ scary ship too apparently. All my possessions and anything of use was left on the once great Hilda.

We’re on our way to met some people and do some things when all of the sudden an attack breaks out! The pilot drone is not equipped for fighting so I drop into the co-pilot spot and take over. I’m doing pretty good and then I go to shoot something and well I blew it up pretty good but there someone I guess a good guy in it? How was I supposed to know?! We get over to this crazy lady and bring her on board. Immediately I felt guilty because I didn’t think she going to make it. That lady who saved me did something though and she started breathing. When she woke up though and saw everyone on the ship she FREAKED OUT! Apparently she doesn’t like that Korva guy? I don’t see what the big deal is and all heck broke loose. So Ky flipped the gravity on us and sent us flying. Now this would normally throw people of their balance but this lady was blood thirsty for Korva and tried to go after him again! Flipping the gravity back on we plummeted to the floor and we had to separate the two like children… Geez!

Korva briefs us on the situation that big ol scary ship are a bunch of guys wanting to do some really bad things and they took his ship. ( I guess he used to be part of the old bad guys? I’m still a little fuzzy on the details which is why that Lo-tech lady went nuts but he’s trying to turn a new leaf and I know all about that so I’ll help the guy out.) and with out help he wants to take it back. I feel his pain when someone takes your ship it’s part of you, plus he’s going to pay me really good and until I get my own ship or something I might as well make some money and stick it these jerks who took hilda!

So some brain scheming is happening and fast forward and we’re coming on this beautiful piece of space craft. We land and without much a plan I decide to hold down fort with the storm troopers to protect the fainting goat since I’ve become quite fond of the piece of metal well not really, I didn’t understand the plan and I just really felt like shooting people.

Explosions, shooting, things are getting nuts!. I’m looking all cool and stuff and BAM! Sucker got me right in side. I know when I’m hurt and oh man did this hurt! I rally the troops to hold the place down while I go inside looking for a med kit. We take most of em out and few get away. I don’t think it’s wise to go after them since splitting the forces even more just seems like a bad idea. I’m patching myself up when I realize I’m the only one left from all the people on the dang ship! Cursing under my breath that I have no idea what I got myself into and where everyone went. I have faith those people know what their doing but just in case things don’t go well I don’t think we should abandon this ship within this enemy ship.

Turns out my guy was totally right about that as soon I turned around this menacing black ship showed up and some guys piled out to attack us. There is even a guy with flipping cape! It’s a little ridiculous but the all black look was pretty intimidating I have to admit. I had the troops take em out but I could tell it quickly a loosing battle. I got us all back on the ship and was going to deploy a Rachel Radeen surprise! I got us on the ship, booted into the driver seat and made it look like we we’re making an hasty exit and man oh man was it a beautiful exit. If there was a record keeper of beautiful exiting ship maneuvers I’m sure this would at least be in the top 5. What felt like time slowing down was actually the adrenaline racing through my blood stream. I’ve done some crazy stuff and I could just take this ship I mean could they blame me? I guess they could but… If things aren’t going well I can’t leave them stranded they are paying me after all. I’m going back in boys! Here I come! I get us back in guns ready and totally take them by surprise. HECK YEAH!! I just start shooting take out the guys who look like minions from the ship behind this gun. I take out a few I’m feeling really good and then I go for the big guy, if I take him out then I’m sure the rest will fall back. I take a deep breath and aim and bam! I should have hit him but he, HE STOPPED IT! ( I know what your thinking, I’m crazy no one can do that! Well I saw it with my own two eyes! It flarggin happened!) and not only did he stop it, he bounced it back at this ship!! KY is going to be so mad if we make it out of this alive!

Without thinking about it I shoot at him again and I got him! I’m about ready to do my happy dance as I see him sail across the ship and imprint on the back wall and slide down and then you guessed it. He GETS UP! UGH! Why won’t this guy die! Before I can do anything that creeper cape guy reaches out like he’s calling for someone and the gun on the ship crunches. SAY WWHHAATTT??? Then he starts making his way towards me and we’re giving each other the death stare when I start to choke, I can’t breathe, I hurt all over the inside. What is going on, is that injury I got earlier worse than I thought?

Finally the entire of the rest of the people finally check up on me and I can barely speak out the words, scary black ship and cape guy before I am about ready to pass out from pain.


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