Rachel Radeen

Rachel is a gun toting demolitions expert bounty hunting machine!


Rachel is a Twi’lek with a blueish green skin tone with magenta stripes making her especially unique among her type. She is 5’6 Slender muscular build and almost sporting a wicked smirk or slight scowl across her face. She is often wearing something like a jumper or cargo pants, tank top and utility belt with work boots topped off with a few guns, a pocket knife, some grenade’s sometimes you know everything a typical girl needs.

She has a strong distrust of a lot of people but can quickly asses most people’s character enough to know whether she can turn her back to them. You will always see her sticking up for her friends which she has far and few between. If she see’s someone bullying anyone or abusing their “power” she’ll have a bone to pick with them.


Rachel is a Twi’lek who grew up an orphan stowing away on ships and finding work wherever she could to make herself useful and earn her next meal. Which seemed like it was never enough and she was always hungry. Luckily she could stomach just about anything. She never stayed in one place long since she heard rumors of girls like her being sold into slavery or worse… As a result she often covered up as much as she could and tried not to bring attention to herself. Through her rather odd up bringing she has become well versed in flying, blowing things up and knowing up to handle a weapon or two or three…

At some point in time she was taken in by a bounty hunter and he taught her the trade. They met when she bumped into him while running away from some thugs of a merchant who as she explained " I only took what should have been mine, he jacked up his prices so I didn’t get as much as I normally did so it’s his own fault for trying to rip me off!" The young man took an immediate liking to her and offered to help sneak her out of the market and a job. She was skeptical of course, she knew the dangers of just jumping ship with anyone… For all she knew it could be a trick and he would sell her to the highest bidder but she decided to at least check out the ship and hear the guy out since she needed to keep moving regardless. He told her stories of the places he’s gone, the people he’s captured and the money he could sometimes make. Enamored with what sounded like a rock-star kind of life she took his offer up to apprentice with him. He taught her everything he knew and was very impressed with how quickly she picked up co-piloting and handling the weapons on board the ship. After years of building up their reputation and getting into more than their fair of trouble they would often joke with each other whose bounty was higher.

Unfortunately like many stories there is a plot twist and I’m sure you know what this one is going to be… Her mentor on a run for a bounty which seemed to be pretty easy was actually a trap. They almost made it away but he was captured and taken under arrest. He begged her to keep running and not to get captured as well. It took every fiber in her being to leave him behind. At first she thought she would simply be able to post his bail but the chips were stacked up against him with layers upon layers of false charges. In any spare time she has is doing research and investigating who would want to frame them to this extent, building up favors and money for the day when she can break him out.

Rachel Radeen

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