Star Wars

Interrogating the Knight of Ren pt 2

Xy'ro's Log

After talking with the Holocron, Rian mentions it is time for sleep. I decide to sleep as well so that I will be fresh when she resumes the attempt at converting Tacro. Upon waking Rian and I grab some rations and water so that splitting up will not be necessary. We spend the day, with Rian in the lead still, converting him. I continue my role attempting to exude strength I believe I am quite successful in this based off the looks Tacro sends in my direction. Rian eventually reaches a point with Tacro about how capturing Zishu Ren

We end for the day and eventually turn in for the evening. My sleep is very troubled. I am never allowed peaceful sleep. My dream filled with nothing but pitch blackness with blinding white light that seems to be like a creatures eye in the dark. Tossing and turning I am never able to rouse enough to attempt clearing my head until it is far too late for sleep anyway so I begin my day still quite tired. I am able to find Jerrin a bit before everyone else wakes. I tell him of my dream and he laments it is another problem outside of his skill set. He suggests I take the day off from the interrogation and he will assist Rian. I meditate and plan to spend some time with the Holocron, even if it is only to observe Ashus’s interaction with the device. I am still meditating when my communicator goes off. Rian and Jerrin are calling a meeting. It is decided we are to attempt capture of Zishu Ren. There is talk of how to find the location. One of which is Sha’Shell whom apparently has been having a voice trying to get her to save Samir. Eventually it is decided that once a location is determined Jerrin and I will go through the “front door” while the rest fine more surreptitious routes. I meditate and find the same vision inhibits my meditative state as my dreams. Though I get a better sense and see it is a person. Apparently female by looks and voice, as she states that she was actually trying to reach Jerrin. I attempt to get this being to stay, calling out with words and concentrating on pulling her back with my will. Her retreat seems to slow temporarily, but I am unsuccessful. I debate with myself but ultimately decide to go to Jerrin as this person had been trying to contact him

Sha’Shell is brought to the concilliator. Gosha begins her process quickly. Saying that trust needs to be built with Sha’Shell



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