Star Wars

In search of a mentor

Xyro's Log

I have decided to log my travels. I am beginning to fear that my search for a new master will be a long journey, and I think building a sort of trail of what I have done will make this process easier. It has been long enough with no new leads that I would say hopeless, but the universe is vast and the Force will always find a way.

My search has brought me to Mygetto. I am wary of being in Imperial space, but rumors abound as to changing attitudes in the Empire. I have not been on planet long when there is commotion. A large number of.. Beasts are attacking. I would rather not be conspicuous but I must help.

I was beginning to worry about my chances against these beasts. I was resigned to my fate when a transport ship dropped off two individuals. I was unsure how much help they would be until they activated their light sabers. The battle was still a rough one for me. It soon became clear that I was merely surviving until these other two were able to aid me more directly. Luckily I was fated to survive and made escape with these two. I am quite surprised to find they were part of an Imperial group led by an Admiral.



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