Star Wars

Civil war on Ciutric

Xyro's Log

Jarin has agreed to take me on as a padawan. Having seen his skills in combat and talking to him I must say I am quite pleased with this development. We have gone on several missions together now. The most interesting was going to remove some of Shayshell’s dark sides tendency.

Ciutric is having a civil war. We have been sent by Admiral Corva’s Moff to provide humanitarian aid. Rachel is placed as the leader of a group of some 20 storm trooper “peace keepers”. We land on the planet and we are met by a group of “ugly” fighters. These are interesting vessels, cobbled together from various makes and models. We transmit our clearance codes and state our mission. We are then escorted planet side. There are people wearing various imperial looking uniforms.

There is a mercenary waiting for us as our ship opens. There is some tension before Rehan speaks and again communicates our mission here. The mercenary directs us to Commander Kembdo, the one who hired him. We enter what was once the lobby of an office building. Rehan attempts to talk to the commander and is met with some snarky behavior. She corrects this and we are told we will be taken to the captain.

The captain is a steely eyed lady with silver hair. Rehan introduces herself and states our mission. The captain responds that a few years ago the good imperial minded citizens rose up tired of their treatment. The side that is republic aligned are on the main content, while the imperial on a sub content. The captain estimates that 70%-80& of the population would prefer going to the Imperial groups. This claim seems rather grandiose. She gives the mercenary a data pad with the Imperial factions military information. I ask him if I may see it in order to send the information to the Conciliator.

We head back to the ship and discuss further. Rehan mentions issues with the numbers of the population and I agree. The mercenary mentions an interesting plan whereby the Imperial minded move to the sub-content. This is deteremined to be less than ideal for numerous reasons.

We head out to gather more information and decide to gather the pulse of the populace by heading to a bar. We are being led by Samir to a nice looking bar when Rehan strongly suggests going to a different bar. This one looks far more… seedy. I reach out sensing for danger. Nothing seems out of balance with the situation. Rehan walks to a Twilack with barely contained excitement. I notice the Twilack has a mechanical arm. They are both excited to see each other and the Twilack explaims about how “the force has brought us back together.” I tense waiting for some sort of reaction, but this seems to be met largely with the other patrons being embarrassed for the group/wary of more “crazies”.

It seems the new Twilack Jedi Ashus has been hunting Knights of Ren. We have encountered a few as Rachel mentions and Ashus perks up quite a bit having started to lose faith in their actual existence. This solidifies her resolve to join us. Talk continues for a little while. I am growing increasingly uncomfortable in this space. I am considering bringing this up leaving when Samir mentions to Rachel that he has noticed a patron has left leaving a drink. We communicate, in various ways, to Rehan we are leaving. The merc has left previous to us citing security. The rest of us exit a few minutes later and see him walking from some distance away close behind a stranger that gets into a speeder and drives off. Samir reveals it was an attempt to recruit. Him to the Republic faction.

There is a plan mentioned that, to my understanding, would require lying to the Republic as to our reasons for being involved in this conflict. I find a time to talk to Rehan in private and tell her I am uncomfortable with a lie to expedite our mission. Rehan assures me that was not her intention and she is happy to hear I would be uncomfortable with that. She does mention that these are dangerous times and this situation may not have a non-violent solution. I agree and stress I am prepared for these sorts of eventualities. I apologize for misunderstanding and thank her for expounding on her views.

We head back into the bar in order to mingle with the locals. I find many people expressing negative views. Most of the anti-Imperial talk seems to be due to the fact the Imperials on planet are more enthusiast then official personnel.

The next day we head to obtain passage to the Republic side. It is easy to spot the government center. We head over with Rehan in her full Jedi robes. Rehan talks to the official and identifies herself. We are told we have been granted a meeting with the governor and get through a few successive checkpoints.

Rehan discusses with the governor. The governor mentions his continued desire to end the war through political means, but the Imperial faction insists on chaos and war. We all agree the will of the people should be the deciding factor. I ask regarding his willingness for a special vote. He says he is open to this and adds this is mostly due to his security on the Imperial side not having enough support to win. He further suggests that any result will be refuted in some manner. We leave intent on getting the Moff to agree to meet.

We board another shuttle. We are a little over half way I think when I get a sense of pending danger. I mention this to Rehan though we are interrupted by an axplosion. The cabin of the shuttle loses pressure. I manage to hold on and get buckled. There is a scream that ends quickly as the flight attendant gets sucked out the hole in the roof. She looks to stop, likely Rehan, but before being brought back into the cabin a piece of debris flies into place stopping her re-entrance. This gets sorted with those capable of such things. It becomes clear we are destined for a crash and, after a little work, I get the civilians to assume the crash position. Rehan decides to leave the craft and attempt to fix the craft mid crash. I admire her greatly for this, but stay seated and try to keep an eye on the passengers are still complying as I can do nothing else helpful. We find the water’s surface with quite a bit less force then I had been anticipating. Shortly after this we rise with what must be a shuttle size floatation device. This is good timing as there is already ankle deep water in the cabin.

We call our shuttle and they arrive. We have moved about half of the passengers to our shuttle when a rescue vehicle from the Empire arrives. There is much posturing from each side’s pilots. It stay’s immediately peaceful, but the Republic has fighters on the way. I am still onboard the distressed vehicle when our shuttle slams shut and leaves. The people begin to panic and I assure them there is a Republic rescue vehicle nearby. My com link buzzes and it is the group checking on where I am. They ask if they should swing back. I say yes. We grab the flight recorder before departing.

After we make it back to the Imperial base. We ensure the civilians are taken to a hospital and Ashus slices the box and downloads to the data pad. Racheal takes the lead lo research, I know her to be a pilot so I just look on offering help as I can. It becomes clear after a few hours that it was an oustide force and likely a ground/ocean based laser strike.

We go to meet the Moff. We are ushered into a conference room. After a little wait the door opens and a cloaked figure rushes in shooting at Rehan. I try to activate the force for haste and it fails… This is new and leave me a little scared. There is a another shot that gets reflected back at Samir. Rachel throws a grenade and we hear the grenade go off. Rehan says to give chase and I flip on my lightsaber while activating my combat skill. I round the corner as Rehan is holstering her pistol having added to some length of time to his unconsciousness. I make sure he is disarmed and get cuffs from Rehan. She further secures him with a neural inhibitor.

I suggest we find out if the Jedi and robot made it here with or in spite of the Imperialist separatist. Rachel and I get to the office and they claim she does not have clearance. I show my lightsaber and ask if I may look at the footage. They say yes and we trace back the robot and Sith to the Moff’s office. I relay this to rest of our immediate team. Rachel sends a call to the storm troopers and has them join us. We converge on the Moff’s office as he is attempting to make escape.



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